The Gift

We’ve all been given a wonderful gift.

A gift so powerful we can change the world and all those who share it with us.

A gift that doesn’t last forever. But one that urges us to live life to the fullest.

A gift that gives us all an opportunity to be loved, loving and lovable.

A gift that let’s us live and create our lives as we choose.

A gift allowing us to dance with our dreams and desires, in the pursuit of happiness and reaching our full potential.

A gift we all too often take for granted.

A gift that can take too long or go too quick!

A gift that can bore or enthral.

That gift you’ve probably guessed already is YOUR TIME.

Time, a priceless commodity, worth more than money could ever buy.

Isn’t it time to free yourself from feeling impending doom, anger, frustration, stress, anxiety, worry and fear?

And feel in its place a sense of positive expectation, fun, acceptance, love, self -confidence and self- belief, with a calm, contented peace of mind?

It’s time to start living and loving life today. Doing more of what you love and loving what you already do, because tomorrow never comes and sadly, is promised to no one!

If you are looking for some motivation and inspiration to get you going, then this blog is for you, with love.

Who am I?

First and foremost, I’m a Mum, and I’ve been married to my Husband Paul for seventeen years, living in Cardiff with our two wonderful teenagers and two dogs. For the past sixteen years I’ve been a Registered Childminder, enthusiastic Writer and Hypnotherapist, Coach and Counsellor.

In my roles as a childminder and therapist, I could only help one person at a time. That’s why I fuelled my passion for doing what I love and enjoy most, writing and helping uplift others, with my therapy insight, to share with you the timeless lessons I’ve learnt (and am still learning everyday) on my journey.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and books, as much as I enjoy writing them?

I look forward to hearing from you and staying in touch daily, via social media.

Your time is a gift, so let’s enjoy the present together!

Em x

Mum, Registered Childminder, Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist and Writer.

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