Welcome, Creative Muma.

My name is Emma 🙂

Thanks for visiting my website, I appreciate your presence, I know how busy you are.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping women like you and I, to be more Present in our daily lives and to relax (I know we’re too busy for that!).

I love to meld the Scientific with the Spiritual, so you’ll find plenty of contrast here to aid you with manifestation, self-development and personal growth. I combine the two contrasting approaches because when it comes to creating your life, as opposed to life just happening to you, you need them both. You can dream, visualize, fantasize, all day long about a beach body but wishing won’t magically make it happen. You wont physically change (nothing ever changes unless you do) without the education know how and taking action. As an Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor and Hypno- coach, I can also help you to create in other ways if you are looking for ways to increase your fertility odds.

Are you ready for some inspiration and motivation to help you unleash your creativity and create the happy, healthy and successful family and work life you deserve?

Then you’re in the right place.

On this website you’ll find information on how to relax and stress-less. Are you ready to check your stress levels? If so click the button below to take the Mumatherapy Stress Checker test.

Feeling like a cuppa and a boost of motivation and inspiration? Then you can read my blogs here

In need of some Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy to soothe your soul and manifest like a mother or simply to unwind and re balance your Chakras? Then you’ll find them here soon!

Scientific Nutritional and wellbeing advice and support that’s here too!

You’ll also find some info on my latest books and magazine/newspaper features here.

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Here’s to creating a magnificent 2022 together,

Much love and best wishes, Em x

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