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Mumatherapy – Fertility Nutrition and Hypno- Coaching Program

Trying to get pregnant is stressful. So, I’m here to help you release some pressure and alleviate some stress so you can start to enjoy the experience more.

Why is that important?

Because mental stress can cause physical changes within the cells in our body which can lead to inflammation. And inflammation has a negative effect on your fertility.

 Plus creating a family should be a fun enjoyable experience.

Let’s do a fun quiz to check on your ‘Getting Pregnant Stress Levels’

‘Getting Pregnant Stress Levels Quiz’

Simply, answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the following 8 questions;

 During the past month have you though or felt the following?

  1. Have you felt anxious that you may not be able to get pregnant?
  2. Have you blamed yourself or your body for not getting pregnant?
  3. Felt jealous/envious of those with children and avoided being around those with children?
  4. Argued with your partner, loved ones or friends more than usual?
  5. Experienced unexplainable anxiety?
  6. Felt overwhelmed with everything you had to do?
  7. Felt challenged with one problem after the other that you couldn’t cope with?
  8. Had repetitive negative mental chatter which you couldn’t stop or control?

If you answered ‘yes’, a few times, don’t worry, there are ways in which you can learn to relax and overcome these thoughts and feelings that I can help you with.

Conception is one thing we don’t always have control over but our thoughts and feelings we can master.

And it’s vital we do when trying to conceive, as stress can interfere with our relationships and lower our libido. Having sexual intercourse with our partner is essential when trying to get pregnant, so lets lower that stress level to improve pregnancy success and increase your fertility odds.

I can’t make you pregnant (that’s ultimately down to you and your partner) but what I can offer in this 8 month online personalised program, is real science backed ways, to increase your chances of conceiving. In combination with relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy, to unblock any fears or hidden, unconscious agendas, preventing you from getting pregnant. I’ll also provide you with a tailor made diet plan, to help support conception.

I can even help you to increase your libido and enjoy having sex again with your partner, without expectations of getting pregnant. Because nothing is as off putting or unsexy as a date and time on the calendar, to say;

‘It’s time to conceive, let’s have a quickie.’

Please note that, my role as an Advanced Fertility Nutritional Advisor and Hypno- coach, is not to diagnose fertility issues.

My job is to help you to find ways to increase your fertility odds.

Through a uniquely tailored program, designed especially for you, we’ll explore together;

  • Female/male fertility and the best way to achieve successful conception
  • Tracking and pre- empting your next fertile window
  • Slowing down accelerated ageing
  • Ways to de stress, including Relaxation techniques such as EFT, (PMR) -Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Hypnotherapy and Guided meditations
  • How to get a good night’s sleep and reduce /eliminate insomnia
  • How to minimise harmful inflammation and Hormonal imbalances
  • How to detoxify your body
  • How to lose or gain weight
  • A personalised fertility dietary plan and supplementation
  • Health conditions that may be affecting your odds
  • How I can support you through IVF if that’s applicable to you, and through the first stage of pregnancy.

Q) Why is the program 8 months?

A) Because in order to predict your fertile window and monitor hormone levels and diet we need to build up an overall picture of what is going on and this takes a few menstrual cycles and analysis to do so. If it only took a month to get pregnant for everyone then a fertility program would not be needed.

Q) Why do I need to look at and change my diet?

A) Because what you eat can have a negative or positive affect on your fertility odds.

Q) Why do I need to learn to de-stress and relax to get pregnant?

A) Because stress hormones such as cortisol and alpha -amylase can have detrimental effects on fertility odds. And stress can lower your libido and cause a decrease in the amount of sexual intercourse you have. It can also alter your menstrual cycle and impede ovulation.

email me today for more information or text Fertility to 07747467431 and I’ll get back to you to arrange a call to discuss further.

The Mumatherapy Advanced Stress and Sleep Management Program includes – Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Hypnotherapy, and Coaching in the following ;

• The uncertainty of anxiety & truth about stress
• In the face of difficulty: Challenges vs stressors
• Science of Stress
• Unlinking fear from trauma
• Appraisal, coping, and resilience
• Automatic Negative Thoughts
• Reflection or rumination?
• Optimising a mindset
• Strengthening emotional regulation and intelligence
• What good are positive emotions?
• The power of 4
• Consequences of work/parenting burnout
• Managing toxic anger
• Stress on fertility and parenting
• Buffering stress with fitness
• Sleep troubles
• Emotional eating /Stressed guts
• In the now or worrying about tomorrow and overcoming social anxiety

The Initial Consultation for the program is £58. Where we can decide if the program is right for you, and start to plan a tailor-made program to suit you as an individual. Although an 8 month program, duration and number of sessions may vary from person to person. For e.g. If you would like to lose weight / give up smoking etc… in order to help you conceive, then extra sessions will be required to address this goal first.

Detox safely

Fat cells store toxins that we take in through diet or the air. These fat cells encapsulate these toxins protecting us from their potential harm but when we lose weight, these toxic chemicals can enter our blood stream, because the fat cells are broken down we can experience nausea, muscle soreness and fatigue, and in extreme cases this can cause acute poisoning.

This can explain why we feel so bad when rapidly losing fat.

Fat soluble toxins are stored in your fat cells. During a detox program fat cell can shrink in size and release toxins that could have been building up inside us for months even years.

This is why a supervised detox program is recommended.

You need dietary strategies to help you eliminate these toxins safely, so your body can neutralise and eliminate them, preventing any reabsorption or damage to your body, tissues and organs.

A detox specialist supporting you is also vital to prevent you becoming malnourished, causing long lasting negative consequences to your health and wellbeing.

This detox program requires you to be well nourished before you begin and when you finish. I will devise a detailed detox plan for you based on your unique circumstances, these will be based on a series of health assessments and screening questionnaires.

A detox is important following a period of illness or excess, especially if you need to heal or repair following a drink binge, such as a hen do or after giving up smoking or getting over a virus. By combining a detox diet with some exercise and a sauna or two, you’ll soon be detoxified and healthier in no time!


There are many health risks of having chronic stress in your life. And the longer you are exposed to stressors the more impact that will have on your physical and cognitive well being. But not all stress is bad for us. The right amount of pressure (Eustress) helps us to perform at our optimal and can motivate us to achieve our goals and reach deadlines, while having some appropriate fear can save your life. Think of a Range Rover coming towards you at great speed, it’s this stress response that will actually save your life and make you jump out of the way.

So, I don’t promise to remove all stress from your life nor do I claim to diagnose medical conditions, prescribe treatment dispense or replace a doctor or psychology professional advice. I don’t offer substitution for the care of disease or mental health through a medical provider, and nor do I advise you stop taking prescribed medication. I always advise you seek medical advice before using any of my products or services. You will find many tools and techniques to help you on this website but if you feel any pain or excessive discomfort from the thoughts emotions or methods then please stop practicing these techniques immediately. Healing is a very personal, unique experience, that rests on multiple factors in a person’s life. What approach works for one person, may not work for another, therefore I do not claim to heal or cure anyone. I hope that you will take any advice with a common-sense approach and make your own decisions based on your own experiences. And please be patient with yourself 🙂

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