I’m so honoured to have you here today 🙂

As a busy ‘Mumpreneur’ myself, I know how important and sometimes difficult it can be to find and connect with like minded souls.

If you don’t know me, My name is Emma and I’m an Author, Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist and Parenting Coach. During the past eighteen years, I’ve been making a positive impact in this world by being a ‘Present’ Mum, and running a successful Registered Childcare Business. My passions as a life long learner are; Writing, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Nutrition, Childcare and Parenting. And I have created this website to share those passions with you. So, if you are a Mumpreneur with a Spiritual Soul like me, I hope you will find here some; Motivation, Inspiration, Information, Reassurance and Spiritual Guidance!

Although I have completed scientific level 5 diplomas in Nutrition for General Health, Clinical Weight loss, Child and Brain Development and Cancer Prevention and Longevity, and I have a  level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Children’s Care, Learning, and Development, I’m constantly connected to Source.

I navigate the Universe (with the help of The Law of Attraction and my Universal Godmother – Lady Love) by melding the scientific with the spiritual, to address both the conscious, and subconscious mind. And I publish Books, Guided Meditations/ Hypnotherapy Audios and Courses that reflect this, for busy entrepreneurial Mums.

If that’s you and my passions resonate with you too, and you’re looking for  peace of mind and support  to help you become a more Present, Proactive and Powerful mum and entrepreneur, then you’re in the right place!

You’ll find all the resources you need right here. So take a browse and lets manifest some Mumatherapy Magic into your life today.

Your time is a gift, so lets enjoy the present together!

Much Love

Em x


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