Happy Spring Equinox

Welcome to brighter days ahead.

This month is good for spring cleaning your home, wardrobe, handbag, purse, car, and social connections online or in the real world.

Ask yourself today; ‘What or who no longer serves a purpose in my life?’

Whether that’s the withering plant on the window-sill, a Facebook friend or that worn out bobbly jumper. You deserve to be surrounded by the loveliest of people and things.

Spring is urging you to blossom, to grow, and move forward in life.

It reminds us we aren’t restricted.

The only thing that can stand in the way of your dreams and desires now is you. Winters past and with it the dark, cold, limitations that have kept you comfortably where you are.

Drop the weight of the world and emerge anew, full of excitement and anticipation for what’s to come.

New opportunities, new friends’, new foods, new places to visit. There’s so much outside our window waiting for us to explore.

Having been confined and locked in for so long, now is the time to set yourself free.

It’s also the start of the Astrological New Year with the Sun in Aries, which means new beginnings and longer sunnier days are coming.

It’s also the perfect time for Mumpreneurs to start out on a new venture.

So, there’s no better time for you to start afresh and make new goals.

Dream Big!

Dare to flirt with all your innermost desires.

What is it that’s been calling you for too long?

A new career?

A new relationship?

A new home?

A new wardrobe?

A new destination?

A new course?

A new hobby?

A new exercise routine?

A new hairstyle?

A new eating plan?

A new outlook on life?

If the old way of thinking, being and doing, no longer fulfils or excites you, it’s time to move on to greener pastures.

Spring has finally sprung and with it the newness of fresh unlimited possibilities.

What awaits you that’s giving you all the feels today?

Love & best wishes, Em x

Who’s Loving You this Valentines Day?

Love is in the air again.

It’s that time that loved up hopeless romantic’s love, and lonely singletons loathe – Valentine’s Day! 

But whether you’re single, in the honeymoon period of a new relationship, or have been married for years, there’s one person that deserves your love more than anyone else – YOU! 

‘You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.’ Buddha

Loving yourself doesn’t mean blowing kisses to yourself in the mirror in a narcissistic way (although that could be a good place to start?) 

Healthy self- love is about speaking to yourself like you would a loved one, in a supportive, caring way, and taking good care of your health and well- being. 


As we grow up, we start listening to other people’s opinions about us, and any criticism received we tend to remember. Then when things go wrong or we make mistakes, we tell ourselves that others peoples negative views were right. We then add to them by mentally berating ourselves, turning other people’s false opinions of us into self -fulfilling prophecies i.e., a reality. 

You can be more loving towards yourself by remembering that any criticism from another person is just their opinion, and as long as you don’t believe it and join in with the hate campaign, then it’s not true.

In life there is The Truth and there’s a truth. And truth is subjective to each and everyone one of us. Is Marmite disgusting? I know what I think but that’s my truth.

Affirmations are a great way to practice loving yourself more, they are simply positive statements said in the present tense. 

So, whenever you make a mistake, instead of calling yourself ‘Stupid’ reassure yourself that you are always doing your best and say; ‘I am doing the best that I can at this time, and my best is always good enough’ and repeat this affirmation often.


Loving the skin we’re in can be difficult at times as we tend to focus on the bits we don’t like and ignore the good bits. Yet, this is the body you have and that takes care of you, it seems only fair to show it the same kind of care and love back. If there’s something you dislike like your weight remember, your body didn’t do this to you, you do to your body.

Take a look at your body each morning in the mirror and focus on the bits you love; you might have nice legs or a nice smile? 

The more you can practice loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are today, the more likely you will be to take care of your physically body, and that means if there’s bits you dislike now, then in the future with time and loving care, they will change for the better. Focusing on our negative aspects only makes us feel worse about ourselves, and when we don’t feel good, we are more inclined to poison ourselves with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and junk food. 


If we can form a healthy, loving relationship with food, such as choosing to eat nutritious, natural foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish, and drinking plenty of water, then food will love us back and give us the energy and nutrients to keep us healthy mentally and physically.


Loving ourselves means taking care of our bodies. We need to keep as active as we can on a daily basis to burn calories, increase our energy levels, and to release feel good chemicals in our brain.  

Our bodies are designed to move about, so move whenever you can. You don’t need to go to the gym to keep fit, just move. Doing house work, walking the dog, dancing, playing with the children, all burn calories, so get up and get going now, your body will love you for it! 


Learning is a life long process. Expanding our knowledge keeps our mental health in order and helps us to navigate life with more clarity and understanding. Broaden your horizons and take up a new hobby or study programme to keep those brain cells firing and re wiring. Neuroplasticity was once believed to only occur in childhood but now research has shown how we are never too old to learn new things and change our brains for the better.  


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lenin-estrada-GCpyNh39kOc-unsplash-1024x683.jpg

No Valentine to take you to the cinema?  

Then go it alone, or make time for yourself to do those things you love. A soak in a bubble bath with a magazine, a cuppa and a good book, painting, fishing, football, knitting, whatever you choose to do, schedule time in your diary to prioritise YOU Time! 


You may not have a partner to spoil you this Valentine’s Day, but you are still worth treating, so spoil yourself.  

A treat once in a while can make us feel good, so go and buy yourself some chocolate, perfume, aftershave, flowers, beer or bubbly and a take- away, and curl up on the sofa with yourself. This way at least someone loves you, and you’ll never leave you if you love yourself right, and once you truly love yourself, others will love you too! 

Don’t forget, there are a lot of friends, family and lovers you’ve yet to meet, who are looking for you.


If you want to learn more about sports, science and nutrition and how you can love yourself and others more, then you’ll find my favourite courses here click the pink button for more info

And as a special Valentines gift from me, use coupon code emma

Love Em x

‘Done’ – Is Always Good Enough.   

How’s your New Year going so far?

Well into the first month of 2022 and by now, most of our goals and resolutions set in January start to fall by the wayside, as motivation wanes and our old habits return to comfortably seduce us back to the familiar.

As busy mumpreneurs, juggling businesses and family life, it’s all too easy to start beating yourself up.

But go easy on yourself.

The fact you care enough to try and change those things in your life that need attention, and set goals, means you’re doing pretty good when it comes to moving towards your best life.

Okay you may not have lost that 2 stone yet, and maybe you never will? But look at the little changes you’ve made such as Veganuary, No beef for a week, or Dry January.

All those little things soon add up and inevitably, over time, will help you reach your goals if you keep taking baby steps and making small alterations, rather than beating yourself up and giving up completely.

It’s easy to overlook what you’ve achieved when you focus on what’s still to be done.

The joy is in doing things for fun, not things that have to be done ✅

Be your own best friend and pat yourself on the back for each ‘To do’ you check off your list. There’s always going to be laundry in the basket so ‘done’ is always good enough.   


Nothing is ever perfect. No one is ever perfect. Circumstances are never perfect.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, so praise your efforts as much as accomplishments like you would your child.

Keep going Muma, you got this!

Let me know you ‘wins’ or ‘bins’ so far this month in the comments below 🙂

Keep Consciously Creating with love,

Em x

Contrast – The Dance of Life

💝 New Year is a chance to reflect on the difficulties and adversity of the year gone by and to embrace the normal everyday, as the present it is.  We all get thrown a curveball from time to time to remind us of what’s truly important. Ying and Yang, light and dark, they’re ever present and co-dependent on one another.

Often, they mean nothing but philosophical comparisons but it’s not until you experience the dark, do you cling onto the faith of a future light, and do you appreciate the need to know the difference between the two. When everything is going to plan, to connect to humanity and evoke empathy, every now and again, we need to experience those dark moments to remember those feelings.

We don’t hurt less but we heal quicker when we appreciate contrast and the dance of life that we came here to experience and co create.

😳 Inner peace comes from being present and not ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. When we ruminate or worry, we waste so much of our precious lives that’s impossible to get back. 

🙏🏻 Bring your focus on the now and enjoy everything that’s already good about life. When you look around you there’s so much to appreciate and be thankful for. When we’re too busy focusing on the lack, we miss what’s actually important in life right now. You have so much to offer. It’s time to realise your value and what you contribute, rather than focusing on what’s missing or wrong.

😊 Who needs your smile today?

📞Who wants that phone call?

👏What can you do to reward yourself for everything you’ve done during last year or for being the wonderful human being you are?

Don’t worry, be happy now, because you only grow through, what you go through.

Happy New Year Muma, 2022 is for you!


It’s time to get that zest for life back into our everyday lives.

Yes, we’ve had Brexit here in the UK and the world has had a Covid Pandemic, but as 2022 looms closer, let’s move forward with a more positive, optimistic look towards our futures.

Starting with what’s right with us, the world, and what we’ve achieved so far, despite all the disruption on a global level.

It’s time to celebrate our successes and pat ourselves on the back.

When was the last time you appreciated yourself and your accomplishments?

Now more than ever we need to congratulate ourselves for getting through the toughest of times.

Anyone can find fault.

Anyone can blame themselves.

Anyone can make excuses.

But it takes a special sort of person to find what’s good, what’s gone right, and what can be accomplished in difficult testing times.

The hardest thing for most of us is finding the love within, for ourselves. I know there’ll be squirmers out there feeling repulsed by…’finding the love within themselves.’ But it’s got to be time now to build that person up, rather than trying to put them down.

No one’s probably harder on you, than you.

Stop being the bully. For today choose to be more like Pollyanna, she saw the good in everything.

This negativity bias can be overcome. But we need to consciously recall all that’s good in our lives and celebrate those successes. We have to learn how to reprogramme our unconscious mind that keeps running the negativity shit show, without us even realising.

We can do this through hypnotherapy and meditation. I’m working on creating these downloads for you now, and should be available early in 2022, but you can start consciously shifting your negativity bias this very moment.

You aren’t going to suddenly wake up and bounce out of bed with a Pollyanna attitude overnight. Those negative thoughts have been planted over time and re run over and over in your head for so long, you don’t always know they’re there.

But one positive thought or deed at a time, soon snowballs into a huge ball of feeling better.

Becoming conscious is the place to start.

Notice those thoughts, feelings and corresponding emotions.

Catch them and nip them in the bud.

Replace them with a more positive thought, which will lead to a more positive feeling and emotion. Sounds easier said than done, I know. But I also know it can be done.

I’m a very happy, optimistic person right now. But I spent 25 years of my life being the exact opposite. I was negative, self-defeating and anxious and I felt I carried the world on my shoulders wherever I went.

It was a horrible time in my life.

A dark time.

A lonely time.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but it took years to be free. Now I’ll never look back.

Happiness can be a choice for most of us.

But it takes practice.

It’s not an automatic in the moment thing.

It’s a gradual building of many good things, thoughts, memories, successes and mind programming, to reach.

But just as you lose your definition and fitness when you stop exercising your body, if you stop feeding your mind positivity with affirmations, good intentions, positive self -talk, meditation, hypnosis, inspiring podcasts, positive people in your life and uplifting books, then the bias slips back to negativity mode.

There’s been lot of debate recently among my writer /reader community friends on social media, on what’s better, a physical book, eBook or an audio book?

Personally, I’m a fan of all 3.

I love the instant access I get to audio and eBooks and that I can store hundreds of books on one device. But I just love the feel and smell of a physical paper book and the realness of it. And if I’m honest, the anticipation and excitement of waiting for it to arrive in the post.

I haven’t had a physical book sent to me in a long time, so I was super excited to get my copy of Anthony Jacksons book in the post this morning. Packed full of inspirational poetry for me to dip in and out of each day.

But here’s the science bit (you know I love to meld the creative stuff with science! 😊)

A study was done into the same participants reading from an e reader before bed and compared them to then reading a print book. They found when reading the eBook before bedtime, it took them longer to fall asleep, they had a later circadian rhythm and were not as alert the next morning. This is probably due to the blue light that’s in e readers, computers and smartphones, that suppresses melatonin levels.

Anyways, I’m happy to have both my books available in all three formats, so you can choose what suits you best.

Try the bedtime reading experiment yourself and join the physical book v’s eBook debate in the comments section below.

In the meantime, let’s start building our positivity muscle.

Make a list of 7 things now that you like doing.

Then, every day this week do one of those things.

Choose a different thing for each day if you can and write down what you did, when, with whom, and how you felt and what you thought about.

When making your list, consider what things you could do to experience fulfilment and connection within yourself?

When we rely on other people to make us feel good, this can end in co-dependency and disappointment.

Try bringing pleasure into your everyday work if you can too. Who said work should be hard or boring?

Most of us spend most of our time working, so this a key area to inject some positivity and fun in.


Talking of working and celebrating our successes, this month I’ll be celebrating my Best Seller Book Anniversary!

Most writers dream of that day they hit Amazons’ Number 1 Best Seller ranking. Last November I was lucky enough to hit it with both of my books in the same month.

In November 2020 The Powerful Proactive Parent’s Guide to Present Parenting  received a total of 112 downloads, and achieved International Best Seller Status across 9 categories in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia (by Notebook Publishing’s standards [achieving at least Top 10]), including 5 #1 ranks across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, and International Best Seller status across an additional 7 categories in the aforementioned countries, with the inclusion of India (by Amazon’s Top 100 standard).

And The Confident Parent’s Guide to Raising a Happy, Healthy & Successful Child, had 2,061 downloads. International Best Seller Status across 13 categories in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany (by Notebook Publishing’s standards [achieving at least Top 10]), including 8 #1 ranks across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France and Germany, and International Best Seller status across an additional 6 categories in the UK, Australia, France and Germany (by Amazon’s Top 100 standard).

To say I was over the moon was an understatement.

But I didn’t write those books for me, and what actually makes me happier is knowing both books have been consistently reviewed as, being a ‘must-read’ for parents, described by one reviewer as ‘just what I needed’, Ultimately advocating for, as mentioned by one reviewer, a way of being that is ‘more mindful and… in the moment’

It has also been documented as being a ‘lifesaver’ for parents during the quarantine period, as well as the perfect start to a new parenting beginning.

If you haven’t read them yet, you can get the audio books here

Or if you prefer the paperback or kindle you can go here.

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on using THE UURSELF ROUTINE and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

I’m still working on my recording studio (my new microphone just arrived, can’t wait to give it a go …eek so excited!!!!)

And producing those hypnotherapy and guided meditation downloads, to relieve stress, avoid burnout and increase creativity.

So, physical book or eBook?

What do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

Until next month, stay present and keep creating,

Em x


As children are back to school and routine is restored, October brings an air of normality.

But do you find you have more time to pursue your creativity or less?


Anything that brings us joy is usually a treat. It’s something special that we look forward to. A box of chocolates, a massage, watching our favourite film, going for a meal with friends, a nice bottle of wine with a loved one, a book curled up in bed, a long soak in a bubble bath, a duvet day with your pet.

All moments of joy.

Some you’ll share with others, some will be time just for you and you alone.

Writing is one of those such moments for me.

Your creativity may come in the form of painting but It’s still much needed you time. A time dedicated to doing the one thing that brings you joy!

People or things will always compete for that time we’ve reserved for our pockets of joy. I call these – Time Takers.


Time Takers aren’t always people, they come in all sorts of disguises, but all have one thing in common, they need you, but you don’t need them.

They can be jobs that need doing, places you have to go to, commitments you don’t need, want or enjoy.

Feel free to make your own list, as this will be invaluable in taking that time back in the future. Here are some examples to kick start you off:

• Your boss asks you to do over time.

• Your partner wants you to entertain their friends.

• The dog needs a walk.

• The school needs a volunteer.

• Family is coming to visit.

• There’s a course you must take.

• A friend wants a gossip.

• Email & Social Media notifications keep going off.

• Your Sister needs a babysitter.

• Your Dad needs help with the gardening.

• Your Mum needs a lift to the hospital.

• The housework/decorating needs doing.

All feel they urgently need attending to, and all are worthy, loving acts, but you don’t have to be the one who attends to them all, all the time.

Doing too much can feel like you’re being stretched beyond your limit, and this scattering of time and attention, anywhere and everywhere, can result in you going nowhere and doing nothing fast.

It’s about learning to say ‘No’ without feeling guilty or upsetting people, and like anything else, it gets a lot easier the more you practice saying it.

We need to practice saying ‘No’ more often to others, and stop saying ‘No’ to ourselves and our creativity.

The problem isn’t not having time, but how much time you choose to use on your creativity, with the time that you do have.

We should never neglect or underestimate the importance of time for ourselves and our creative pursuits.

Self expression releases tension and negativity and  helps us to relax and feel free to be our true selves.

Book that time in your diary now, at least an hour a day to indulge in creativity.

Let friends and family know this is YOUR precious time to create, and you need to be left alone in peace and quiet, in your own space.

You could be daydreaming, conjuring up ideas, not necessarily physically creating anything.

The point is everyone including you, needs to respect this time.

I write about U Time in my first parenting book The Confident Parents’ Guide to Raising a Happy Healthy and Successful Child, it was vital for me as a mumpreneur, to have this time for me every day.

It’s not a luxury- it’s a necessity!

If you’re interested in hearing more about U Time and you don’t have the time to read, you can now put your feet up and listen to the audio book on Audible and iTunes.

Writing is my U Time treat.

I could choose to use that U Time to do something else, like binge watch a box set on TV, but that wouldn’t bring me as much joy as creating my own.

So, if you want to be a writer / painter/ dancer/ musician / crafter/ knitter /culinary creative /candle maker….. use your precious U Time to do it!

Looking at my writing practice as something that I choose to do for me, helps me to appreciate and understand it for the real joy it is.

When I view this time as precious, I can’t sit there, staring at a blank screen swearing at myself for not writing enough words.   I simply sit there and appreciate the time I’m affording myself to do so.

Yes, I have an intention to write an article/blog/book, always, but if that’s not writing itself today, I’m still going to enjoy this time as part of my precious life.

I’m not going to waste my time.

It’s only a waste of time if I’m sat there angry and frustrated.

I may have quiet periods of contemplation but instead of berating myself for them, I ask myself;

‘What could I write about today just for the joy of it?’

If there was no pressure to achieve 1500 words today, what could I write about?

Could I channel my negative thoughts and emotions into my writing practice and write about my frustrations as they occur, in the moment?

I’m still writing, and those words and minutes will add up to U time well spent.

Every sentence is practice.

Every sentence is without restraint.

Try it yourself and you’ll find; every stroke of that paint is given life, every stitch will have a chance, every note exists in that moment, as all creativity, the good, the bad and the ugly, is being freed from within.

There’ll be no blank page, ball of wool or silence harassing you anymore, unless of course you want U time to reflect, think and daydream – and that’s all good too.

I know from coaching parents on making daily U Time a priority, that finding an hour is not easy for everyone.

I still don’t know exactly why that is, as we all have 24 hours in a day, but I’m constantly met with reasons why it’s impossible to do or excuses of why it won’t happen or work.

Time is precious – waste it wisely 🙂

If you can’t find one hour in your day for you to enjoy your life, then your life needs looking at. You either need to plan your time better or get rid of unnecessary ‘Time Takers’.

You deserve your time more than anyone else.

That’s why its called ‘Your Time’ and not ‘Their Time.’

Creativity isn’t to be rushed but savoured.

If you’re writing a novel enjoy the story unfold in its own sweet time, get to love and know your characters so that ending the story is not the only goal. If you’re writing to get published and make money, and there’s a deadline, then you’ll have to pick up your pace to stay in the race. But writing for money, and writing to express your creativity, are two different things.

One will be about perfecting for others, while the other will be a messy out pouring of joy for you.

If you’re happy to write for enjoyment, with the possibility of getting published and maybe making some money, then your mind will be freer and your words will flow faster.

Being creative is an end goal in itself because it helps us to relax and feel free.

So why aren’t you?

Grab your notebook, pen, and a cuppa, and let’s see where you’re spending your time.


Where is your time going and what are you doing that’s more important than spending time on your creativity?

Try this simple exercise; make a list of all the things or people you spend your time on each day. Next to them, put how many minutes or hours you dedicate to each one.

Here’s a rough guide fill in the bank with the number of hours you use on each one or minutes.


  1. Sleeping – hours
  2. Work – hours
  3. Housework – hour
  4. Time with my children -hour
  5. Studying -hour
  6. Writing /Reading – hour
  7. Having a bath -hour
  8. Hobbyhour
  9. Watching TV / Social Media – hour
  10. Time with friends/partner – hour

It’s impossible to segment each activity/ person into a time slot, as our time usually interlinks with more than one.

This ‘Where Does Your Time Go?’ listing process, highlights time given to a particular person or purpose and physically shows how we do have enough hours, we just need to choose what we feel is important to do with them.

Physically seeing where most of our time is spent, and where time for creativity is lacking helps us to change how we use our time, making it easier  to swap watching TV or social media for your creativities.


It’s not about finding more time to pursue creativities, It’s about finding time for you to do less.

It’s about being able to sit and gaze out the window at the world, while you have a coffee daydreaming or plotting.

It’s doing less of those unenjoyable things, so you can spend more time doing things you do enjoy. 🙂

Muma, keep Creating,

Em x


I absolutely adore autumn. 

I feel a cosy air surrounding me, while walking over a blanket of crunchy red and golden leaves, invigorates my soul.

And I’m warmed by candlelight cuddles and hot chocolate on the sofa, as those dark nights draw in. 

It’s like a fresh start, as the children return to school and life gets back to business, after the laid-back summer vibes.

This month’s New Moon in Virgo apparently signals a time for organisation.

Where I love the idea of decluttering my home as procrastination from serious writing, I know, now is the time to organise my creativity.

I love nothing more than letting words flow freely from my pen, but I have so many creative ideas that it’s time to get down to some planning and considered action. 

So, I’ll be spending this weekend (and month) researching, writing and putting my words in order. 

I have exciting plans ahead for some creative projects whose time has finally come 😉

Naturally combining my love of writing with my hypnotherapy and speaking again, I’ll be creating Guided Meditations and Affirmations audios.

Hot chocolate and script writing, I’m in heaven!

As a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, I’ve been helping others one on one, to overcome their unwanted anxiety, habits and phobias. Now I’m extending that to help those who want to create more joy, peace, abundance, confidence and love in their daily lives, through more Spiritual meditations.

As someone who has a foot in both worlds, I’m still pursuing my Nutrition through scientific routes though and hope to marry the science with the spiritual to help those who want to combine a practical and spiritual solution to their lives. Meditations for weight loss for example, will be backed by up-to-date nutritional advice and suggestions.

If you are interested in hearing more about them, and how they may help you unblock your creativity and release resistance, sleep better, stress-less, grow in confidence, and be the ideal person you choose to be, then feel free to sign up to my monthly Mumatherapy Newsletter and receive your free Creativity Affirmations video now. 

Words are a gift, that have the power to change lives!

How will you be wrapping yours this month? 

I’ll be interested to hear if anyone will be rapping them Eminem stylee? So feel free to share your plans in the comments below 🙂

Keep creating, Em x

Writing Is Like Role Play

I’m so lucky to work with children. They constantly teach and remind me of what I most need to remember every-day.

When starting something new, like writing a book, we tend to take the pursuit so seriously. I did anyway.

When I returned from a holiday break this Easter, I realised how much I’d missed the little ones I care for role playing with one another. As I overheard their made-up stories about pink trees and grumpy uncle Stan with the wonky pose, I mused at their understanding of one another’s description and eagerness to continue adding to the story the other had begun.

It made no sense to a grown up like me listening in but those pre-schoolers knew exactly what the story was about.

They were using their imagination.

They were being creative.

They were playing.

They didn’t even stop to question the correctness of what they were saying, they cared not that the trees aren’t really pink and its nose and not pose.

They just didn’t care.

They got it.

They understood the point of what they were doing.

They were in joy.

They were sharing their stories and they just understood one another perfectly.

This helped me put writing into perspective. And life itself.

Both are meant to be an expression of my creativity and joy. Not an enduring chore that I must get factually correct, with no mistakes or typos in sight.

If a reader resonates with me or my story, then just like the toddlers in role play, they will get my message, they’ll hear my story and to them it will make sense. They won’t need to criticise or find fault.

That’s my reward. I’ve exercised my imagination and expressed myself. Interpretation and understanding-that’s the readers reward, just like connection, play, and joy is the children’s role play reward, when they understand one another.

They don’t expect to be right, get recognition or earn any money from it.

They do it just because they love it. 

I never correct a pink tree story because, I know in their happy world, the trees are pink. I prefer pink to green anyway. You can argue for correctness, I just love to write.

Keep Scribbling,

Em x

I have a new author page on Facebook, come and join me on my joyous writing journey, I’d love to connect with you.


Do you have a secret story to tell?

It has become apparent to me that I’m not the only person in the writing community that has a secret story.

It seems common for us writers to scribble away on a piece of writing we never plan to let see the light of day. For whatever reason, (embarrassment, fear of what others will think of us or the judgement our words may receive) we decide this will be a private rendezvous between ourselves and the page.

A sordid little affair that we indulge in when the urge takes our fancy. Nothing serious, just fun. Or maybe we take it so seriously that, we pour our heart and soul and the wounds we’ve incurred onto the page, in the hope of self-healing somehow?

Writing from the heart.

Either way, we are afraid that someone might read our words and get to know us. The real person deep inside. Whether that’s the lighter fun side of ourselves or the deeper darker self, we want to keep that part of us a secret.

Its unfortunate if we do, as this is likely where our passions, talents and our true beliefs are kept.

Like nuggets of gold that need uncovering and sharing, with a world of interested people who, if of like mind, will appreciate the beauty that’s been buried for so long.

But there’s a block in mining those treasures. It keeps the riches of our souls to ourselves. It’s the one thing we need which is within.



Confidence is the only thing that impedes our progress on our writing journey.

No one is born a great writer.

No one has all the answers.

No one is truly original.

No one can write something that will appeal to everyone.

But you can write your truth, your way.

You can learn to be a great writer, with practice. And you most certainly can write something that will appeal and resonate with someone.

I’m sure your secret story is not a one off. There are other people who have shared similar stories. If not, you can help others to avoid experiencing the same story if unfavourable or help them to achieve the same story if its a good one, teach, reach or at the very least entertain.

No matter how new or old you are in your writing life, with nearly 8 billion people on the planet, someone will laugh at your jokes, cry at your sorrow and get motivated by your anecdotes.


Anyone who reads your words will certainly undergo a change in some way, whether positive or negative, consciously or subconsciously, the mind is moulded and modified by the information it receives.

So, allow yourself to be exposed, get naked in your writing, this is your sea to go skinny dipping in.

You may pen a far-fetched fantasy, that some won’t stretch their minds to envision. Their imagination is not your problem. If you’ve had fun on the adventure, others will surely too. But if its left festering in a drawer somewhere, like a deep, dark, dirty secret, then you are denying yourself a chance to find out where your words can take you. Worse still, you deny your readers the gold they may be seeking in their lives.

Have the confidence to try.

The truth is, you’ll never know if something you write is good or bad, until you let it go out into the world and let it be judged. Then it’s only the person judging’s opinion and not necessarily a fact. Every reader will perceive your writing differently, as every person perceives their reality differently in life.

I can watch a film with my husband where he laughs all the way through, when all I feel like doing is crying. You see, we are hearing the same words and watching the same characters but feeling different feelings.

You have to be brave. Be bold. Be honest. This is what it takes to share a secret. To be open and vulnerable takes trust.

Trust in yourself.

Trust in the writing process.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller

It takes confidence to overcome resistance. Whether you are guarding a far-out spiritual manuscript on unicorns, a hot and steamy erotica or an encyclopaedia on steam trains, you were inspired to put the pen to paper for a purpose.

Don’t shy away from your story, embrace it and others will too.

Can you summon that power that calls you to create and share?

Keep Scribbling,

Em x

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You’ll be amazed at how many writers never ask themselves this question or if they do, never answer it honestly. But if you don’t know why, then you’ll most certainly not end up achieving what you really want from your writing.

This is a question I’ve had to ask myself a lot over the last decade. I’ve been writing books, blogs, scripts, magazine articles, journals, and still, I ask ‘Why?’

And still I question if I am even a writer. A writer writes full time as a job don’t they? Or at the very least, get paid to write.

Serious writing is not just a side hustle. If it’s something you only do when you fancy it, surely you’re just a hobbyist, not a real writer?

Does it even matter whether you’re a real writer or how, when or what you write?

The only question is why?

We will all have different reasons why we write but hopefully the main one is because we enjoy it. We cannot, not write. It’s in our blood. Whether good or bad writers, we are born with this urge that takes over our lives. Like an addiction, it can affect our relationships, social life and work.

When I’m swept up in words, I can happily ignore the mountain of ironing, the dog that needs a walk and the planned movie night with a loved one.

The therapist in me knows that its not my fault. Some people drink alcohol, take drugs, have sex addictions, or eat for fun, I like to write. And that’s alright with me.

Sometimes I write things that I’m proud of, other times I write rubbish, but that’s okay too because- I write for me.

That’s why writing is my side hustle, my hobby, and not my full-time job, because if I had to produce perfection or even good stuff on a daily basis, I wouldn’t enjoy it anymore. I wouldn’t feel free or creative if someone else told me what I had to write about, when, and how.

So why do you write?

Keep scribbling,

Em x

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