Contrast – The Dance of Life

💝 New Year is a chance to reflect on the difficulties and adversity of the year gone by and to embrace the normal everyday, as the present it is.  We all get thrown a curveball from time to time to remind us of what’s truly important. Ying and Yang, light and dark, they’re ever present and co-dependent on one another.

Often, they mean nothing but philosophical comparisons but it’s not until you experience the dark, do you cling onto the faith of a future light, and do you appreciate the need to know the difference between the two. When everything is going to plan, to connect to humanity and evoke empathy, every now and again, we need to experience those dark moments to remember those feelings.

We don’t hurt less but we heal quicker when we appreciate contrast and the dance of life that we came here to experience and co create.

😳 Inner peace comes from being present and not ruminating on the past or worrying about the future. When we ruminate or worry, we waste so much of our precious lives that’s impossible to get back. 

🙏🏻 Bring your focus on the now and enjoy everything that’s already good about life. When you look around you there’s so much to appreciate and be thankful for. When we’re too busy focusing on the lack, we miss what’s actually important in life right now. You have so much to offer. It’s time to realise your value and what you contribute, rather than focusing on what’s missing or wrong.

😊 Who needs your smile today?

📞Who wants that phone call?

👏What can you do to reward yourself for everything you’ve done during last year or for being the wonderful human being you are?

Don’t worry, be happy now, because you only grow through, what you go through.

Happy New Year Muma, 2022 is for you!

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